Memory. Its power is in the stories constructed from the human psyche. This ability to transmit complete recollections through the fragments, which we recognise as our own consciousness, finds a way to attach itself to every little thing we have contact with. And it is through these minuscule relationships that we are pulled us into existence. This attachment to our past, present, and surroundings is the anchor that brings certainty to the self – to us – that we are here. Through the course of this series individuals will recollect through the use of an object, place, or sound, for a moments in their history that were significant. With the outcome of producing an immersive vocal landscape of their story.

Olivandro Caballero


A living sculpture formed through the intervention of human hands, the surrounding forces – could it be a labour of love? In this recollection David Edward Allen ventures through a process began in 2009, involving two different species of wild pear trees and the intermixing of the pair. As a prolonged process encompassing traditional tree grafting techniques – David provides a glimpse into the journey he is currently undertaking.

David Edward Allen´s work revolves around a broadened notion of Landscape and our position as part of it. Using, for example, natural phenomena such as gravity, the organic growth of trees, or the movement of a sound wave, to set up formal structures which are open to processes of re-organisation. Allen`s works are like experiments to isolate, or rather traps set to capture, moments of change, movement, or sets of circumstance; using environments as a means to effect or create form.

He has shown in various solo and group exhibitions, such as at the Museum of Installation, London, Kunsthaus Baselland, and the Akira Ikeda gallery, Berlin. He is based since 1999 in Berlin, Germany.


Olivandro Caballero is a Peruvian/American artist that lives and works in London. His work and interests lie in the exploration of language as social coding and its integration into human culture and consciousness. This is further extended by his bilingual upbringing between Spanish and English and the natural confliction brought on by the translation process.   

Image: Olivandro Caballero, Untitled, 2014,

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