Tuesday || 16th

Shizuka Yokomizo, Stranger n° 10, 1999

Shizuka Yokomizo, Stranger n° 10, 1999


Shizuka Yokomizo, Daiwa Foundation, last day

Shizuka Yokomizo presents glimpses of ordinary lives captured, almost stolen, on the camera roll. Her pictures always have a voyeuristic element embedded and they cunningly reveal what is hidden behind the human surface. Yokomizo series shown at the Daiwa Foundation recollects images shot in 2008-2009 to document the life and job of sex workers. By re-exhibiting the pictures in a different context, the initial intention of the project is somehow changed but still shows an in-depth examination of the portrayed self.


Thursday || 18th

Suki Chan, Obscura, 2014

Suki Chan, Obscura, 2014

Eight Commissioned Films, Tintype, opens

Bright idea to deal with the Christmas closing and presenting a show in a different way. Starting on the 18th, from ‘dusk until 11pm’ the Tintype Gallery window will host a screening of eight silent movies commissioned from eight different artists – Suki Chan, George Eksts, Tony Grisoni, Andrew Kotting, Anna Lucas, Emily Richardson, Frances Scott and Penny Woolclock. Common denominator, they all depict Essex Road and its busy life, each in a personal way.


Afterparty, David Roberts Art Foundation, 10pm to 1am, free (booking required)

As part of the Projects program, the DRAF presents a late night of musical indulgence in the company of Haroon Mirza and DJ/Producer Tessala. Mirza will open the night with a performance, Tessala will jump behind the decks afterwards and the two of them will play a live set, back to back, in the closing. A line up like this does not often happen, even less for free. Better book your place.


Robert Pratt & Mark Seiltz, Right Idea Wrong Machine,installation view, Folkestone Fringe Festival, 2014

Robert Pratt & Mark Seiltz, Right Idea Wrong Machine,installation view, Folkestone Fringe Festival, 2014

Right Idea Wrong Machine, Josh Lilley, last day

Artists Robert Pratt and Mark Seiltz have created Right Idea Wrong Machine, a collaborative project that endeavours to explore the basics of social communication and interaction. Over a series of small, informal gatherings Pratt has observed the common techniques of interaction. All the data collected resulted in the collaborative project presented at the Josh Lilley. Big Picture Breakdown is a sound-scape made on broken musical instruments, analogue synthesizers and amplified sounds. This will fill the gallery space, alongside paintings objects and food, providing an ambiance that will interfere with normal interaction of the attendees.


Friday || 19th

Luiz, Roque, The New Monument, 2013, installation view, PIPA Prize 2014

Luiz, Roque, The New Monument, 2013, installation view, PIPA Prize 2014

Tales of an Imagined City, Delfina Art Foundation, last day

In collaboration with Associação Cultural Videobrasil, Delfina Foundation presents a collection of video works selected from the Videobrasil Festival archive. The movies concentrate on some of the strongest topics that emerged during the last edition, such as subjective experience, identity and desire. The videos show how the perception of the self is profoundly influenced by our surroundings and the city precisely; a pleasant and well thought complement to Delfina’s autumn programme on autonomy.


Agostino Bonalumi, Orange, 1968

Agostino Bonalumi, Orange, 1968

Post War Italian Masters, Mazzoleni Gallery, last day

Pace Gallery’s show on Mario Merz, Sotheby’s record breaking Italian Sale and the absolute preponderance of Italian masterpieces at Frieze Art fair, have already shown and confirmed that Italian Masters are one big trend. For its first show in London the Mazzoleni Gallery, from Turin, presents a group show curated by art critic and curator Francesco Poli. Featured artists – Agostino Bonalumi, Alberto Burri, Enrico Castellani, Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Paolo Scheggi –

representative of the post-war aesthetic that praised the power of colour and widely used industrial materials within the production of art and its meaning.


Frederik De Wilde, Nano-Black Sqr#1, 2014

Frederik De Wilde, Nano-Black Sqr#1, 2014

Frederik De Wilde: NanoBlack-Sqr #1, Carrol Fletcher, last day

Following the premises of the Suprematists and inspired by the research towards immateriality carried out by Yves Klein and Belgian artist Frederik De Wilde has created a new kind of monochrome. Developed thanks to nano-technologies, in collaboration with NASA and Rice University, NanoBlack-Sqr #1 is a ‘blacker than black’ painting. In fact, the material has been engineered to absorb any visible light and therefore consists of a total absence of colour, exactly like a black hole.


Alberto Biasi, Politipo, 1975

Alberto Biasi, Politipo, 1975

Alberto Biasi Optical/Dynamic 1959 – 2012, Mayor Gallery, last day

In the 60s Alberto Biasi was one of the exponent of Padua’s Gruppo Enne which, together withTurin’s Gruppo T, has contributed to the international expansion of Italian Arte Programmata (a special branch of Optical Art). The show brings together a variety of paintings and wall pieces produced by Biasi over fifty years.


Saturday || 20th


Gary Colclough, Garden Ruin, 2011

Gary Colclough, Garden Ruin, 2011

Gary Colclough: Other Worldly, Della Rosa Gallery, last day

Della Rosa Gallery focuses on works on paper. For these show, common drawings have been translated into ethereal and geometric installations by artist Gary Colclough. The use of wood and light pencil drawings all contribute to recreate a fictional, forest sensation.


Gerhard Richter, STRIP (927-9), 2012

Gerhard Richter, STRIP (927-9), 2012

Gerard Richter, Marian Goodman Gallery, last day

A giant of art for a giant of commercial galleries. Gerard Richter show inaugurates Marian Goodman space in London. The collection of over 40 works from his new Strip, Flow and Doppelgrau paintings is the final result of Richter’s sixty-year long research towards the zeroing of depiction in favour of an absolute abstraction.


Sarah Forrest, I Left it on Page 32, 2013, installation view, CCA Glasgow

Sarah Forrest, I Left it on Page 32, 2013, installation view, CCA Glasgow

I Left in on Page 32, Supplement Gallery, last day

In I Left in on Page 32 Scottish artists Sarah Forrest revisits the unsettling relationship of a man with reality as described in Jean Paul Sartre’s Nausea. Two HD videos of 21 minutes each reflect on the relation amongst theory, fiction and philosophy, fundamental elements in both Sartre’s and Forrest’s practice. The videos are almost the same but contains subtle differences which willingly confuse the spectators.


Sunday || 21st

 George Charman and Adam Knight, Tiny Lag, 2014, installation view, Acme Project Space

George Charman and Adam Knight, Tiny Lag, 2014, installation view, Acme Project Space

Tiny Lag, Acme Project Space, last day

Artists George Charman and Adam Knight show a series of works made to respond to Acmes unique space. The result is a melting pot of installation, video, drawing, sound, writing and sculpture that divide and reconstruct the space, thus changing and reconfiguring the classic interaction with the viewer. Tiny Lag is a reflection on the screen as a border but also as a medium through which information are filtered.


Monday || 22nd

John Strutton: Grease Madonna, Domobaal, last day

John Strutton presents a series of six videos, all under five minutes. The starting point of the videos is always an accidental event developed through a mix of live footage, low-fi animation and collage. A purpose-made soundtrack and bits of spoken narration help describing the circumstances. It is a reflection of Strutton’s main concern: a reality made up ‘tiny, half conversation’ that ‘provide a public analysis of private actions’.



Caterina Berardi


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