2 || June 


Emily Pope: Episode 4 – The Keyboard Lesson, film screening, Becky’s, by appointment

Episode 4 of six-part The Sitcom Show will be screened at Becky’s from Saturday the 2 of June. The series of short films are self-referential personal reflections on society from the humorous perspective of generation Y. To attend a screening you must arrange an appointment.

6 || June


Tomma Abts, exhibition opening, Serpentine Gallery, 7-9pm

Come along to the Serpentine Galleries from 7.00pm for the opening of Tomma Abts first solo exhibition in a UK public institution.  One of the most significant artists of her generation and the winner of the 2006 Turner Prize, Abts is known for her acrylic and oil paintings whose extraordinary magnetism belies their modest scale.

8 || June


Narrative Realities, private view, Gossamer Fog, 6-9pm

Within the saturated landscape of new media can we build other worlds which might echo an alterity in sensitivity – to make visible once again the moods, emotions, allusions and the unsaid – within contemporary art. Narrative Realities aims to explore these questions of desire, narrative, narrativisation and personal affirmation through the distinct practices of seven artists; Marie Jacotey, Tomasz Kobialka, Duncan Passmore, Omsk Social Club, Ariane Schick, Madeleine Stack and Theo Turpin.


British Museum Lates, British Museum, 6.30-9.30pm

A number of UAL artists will be at the British Museum Late event on Friday 8 June and will be presenting new artwork, mock holographic sculptures, discussions on AI and technology, light shows. The event is free and open to the public. The exhibition Rodin and the art of ancient Greece still requires the purchase of a ticket.

10 || June


Beyond the BODY, performance, Asylum and Maverick Projects, 6.30-8pm

The audiences are invited to witness an expanse of performance practice, with artists working independently, in response to site-specificity, the contemporary time, and the presence of others. This one-off live event is presented by 11 performance artists graduating from Royal College of Art (MA Performance Pathway).

15 || June


Andrew Curtis: Assorted Originals, exhibition opening, DOMOBAAL, 6-8pm

Artist and Printmaker Andrew Curtis presents a selection of works in this exhibition at DOMOBAAL. The exhibition will run from 15 June to 14 July.

16 || June


Harry Bix // summarynjdkjds.pdf, reading, CGP London, 6-8pm

Harry Bix and the East Anglia Records House Band perform a reading of his publication summarynjdkjds.pdf. The text is written in reference to a year’s discussion of an ultimately failed collaboration between CGP London, Harry Bix and the Millwall Community Trust. It recalls Bix’s experiences of meetings and email chains, gives an architectural critique and documents a golf trip with his dad. Your place must be booked in advance.

18 || June


Is Art Transformative? : Waterloo Festival, discussion/panel event, The Cello Factory, 7-9pm

How does art change us? Join an evening of thinking and debate. The panel includes dancer and choreographer Rebecca Evans, poet Kate Miller, art editor Javier Pes and artist Tom Scase amongst others. Tickets must be booked in advance.

26 || June


Ahead of the Bauhaus centenary in 2019, Empty your Lungs as Much as Possible and Repeat the Exercise draws overlapping connections between Modernism, esoteric traditions and body postures and questions the impact of Modernism in relation to contemporary forms of mysticism, through a selection of works by Marijke De Roover, John Finneran, Ruth Proctor, Leonor Serrano Rivas, Shana Moulton and Ian Whittlesea. The exhibition is curated by Caterina Avataneo and will run from 26 June to 28 July.

venue image

Shell // the politics of being, 15th Kypseli High School

Curator Dr Kostas Prapoglou invites 21 contemporary artists from three generations to discover, through their cross-disciplinary visual vocabulary, their own thread of the story. They will follow the footprints of a mythology that is closely dependent on the location (site-specific) and will respond to its conceptual parameters (context-defined and site-responsive), simultaneously reflecting the reconsideration of values and those multidimensional emotional territories that co-exist and are all linked together.
Shell // the politics of being is a journey through the self-portrait of life and history themselves, a documentation of the struggle for survival and advancement. The exhibition runs from 26 June to 24 July.

30 || June


Romany Dear: There is a duality in their feelings, performance, The Swiss Church, 7-10pm

In this evening of performances Glasgow-based artist Romany Dear will present her new work, ‘Two fisted, many sided, tuna fem’ (2018), and a new variation of her ongoing work ‘Solo Yolo’ (2015-ongoing). The works continue the artist’s ongoing interests into dance as both a practice of collectivity and social action.

Made in collaboration and performed with Nandi Bhebhe and Michelle Warner Borrow. Music by Jose Marulanda.

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