1st || Saturday

Linder, ‘Destination Moon. You must not look at her!’ (2016), at the Duke of York Steps, ICA, London, as part of Art Night 2016.

Art Night London, 6pm – 4am

A free contemporary art festival spread around East London. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art.This year the collaboration is with the Whitechapel Gallery and independent curator Fatos Üstek. It will present 13 projects by 11 artists in 13 venues.

Arnold Circus.

Art Night Associate Programme 2017: Interlude for a Summer Night, Arnold Circus, 6-9pm

An event that presents site-specific works by four artists: Himali Singh Soin and David Soin Tappeser, Richard Melkonian and Gabriel Francisco Lemos, at Arnold Circus, a public garden in the middle of the Boundary Estate, in Shoreditch. With over 16 performers, and a wide range of acoustic instruments and objects, the artists will transform different historical, environmental and spatial aspects of the site into an extraordinary live experience.

Ian Butcher, Amazing 3D Collages.

Riverside Gallery, Richmond, Ian Butcher’s Amazing 3D collages

A five-day-exhibition that gives a totally unique approach to collage making. Images, manipulated to give high colour and interesting texture, are printed onto matte art paper, then  cut and layered to create fascinating three-dimensional illusions.

6th || Thursday

Image by Junfeng Hu.

Un.Obscura, Goldsmiths University of London, PV 6-9pm

The MA Photography students created a collective for their degree show 2017. It embraces photography by exploring the computer-driven present while looking anew at its traditional organic roots, bringing influences from a kaleidoscope of individual backgrounds and global cultures. Together they produce work which transcends barriers between still and durational, tangible and virtual.

7th || Friday

Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair (ASP) – The Third, ICA, 11am

ASP3 will, like its predecessors, feature over seventy British and international independent artist self-publishers for the one-day fair. As with the 2015 and 2016 editions, the fair will show artist self-publishers only and will continue to avoid the restrictions and market dominance that affects much of contemporary arts culture. The publications are still the art works: affordable and available, free from the fetters of the institution or gallery, the ideas, images and text are produced and published by artists who understand the restrictions and freedoms of the printed page.

9th || Sunday

Electronic Civil Disobedience: Screenings of Video Art 1993∞2017, Res., 5-7pm

A screening of video art based on the practice of curator Kathy Rae. In contrast to the collectivity of mass media, Phobias and Fantasies focuses on technologies used in the privacy of one’s home. Household gadgets have been historically marketed for women, while the personal computer allow for opportunities to self-construct virtual, anonymous identities on the Internet. Molly Soda and Branda Miller use dating websites and webcams to represent female desires and behaviours in cyberspace, Cornelia Sollfrank speaks to an anonymous female hacker practicing Electronic Civil Disobedience and Anna Mikkola explores the automation of affective, domestic tasks constructed as unwaged women’s work. The event is free.

11th || Tuesday

Image credit Simon Pomery.

Poetry Workshop : Abstract Witness, Parasol unit, 6.30-8.30pm

Using the work of abstract painter Monique Frydman as a visual and sensual inspiration, participants will be guided through a series of writing exercises designed to unlock their creativity. Simon Pomery is a poet and record producer researching a critical PhD in experimental poetry at Royal Holloway. The workshops are currently co-produced with visual artists, Labern&Lloyd of the drawing shed. Booking is required (£ 8/6).

13th || Thursday

Anne Krinsky, Women Artists News Book Review 1, 2015.

MFA in Fine Arts degree show, Goldmiths University, PV 6-9pm

A highlight of the contemporary art world calendar, the 2017 MFA exhibition displays work by artists who have studied on Goldsmiths’ world-renowned postgraduate Fine Art programme. On the same night, the show of the MA Digital Culture: Out of Our Hands.

17th || Monday

Joy Gerrard, Protest Crowd, (BLM, Oakland, July 08, 2016), 2017. Courtesy of the artist.

Summer School: The Body Politic, Drawing Room

A week long programme of dynamic workshops run by professional artists. It will explore through drawing questions such as: How might we bear witness to the political world around us; particularly as it changes and transforms so explosively? How do we look at the individual versus the collective in today’s networked society? What materials can we employ to convey meaning? Is it possible to protest through our work?

20th || Thursday

The Nunnery Gallery.

Summer Performance Evening, The Nunnery Gallery, 6-9pm

Three works that probe our social and cultural boundaries. Marcus Orlandi’s The Daily Male is a dissection of masculinity and right wing ideology; Adam J B Walker’s Mother is a performative interview in response to an essay written by the artist as a student on the social construction of motherhood in Victorian Britain alongside his visibly heavily pregnant partner; and finally Esther Moya’s medal was stolen from her, by Luis Amália & Alice Esmé, is an absurd conversation and exam on the English language, gleefully exploring our relationship with accents and language association. Booking is required.

Silvia Meloni

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