2nd || Tuesday

‘What The Thunder Said’ By BASK.

What the thunder said, Peckham Asylum Chapel, PV 6-9pm

The show by BASK, a collective of three British sculptors, consists of a series of sixteen sculptures standing solidly in space, unified by a common geometry. The modular forms, stained black, are the product of traditional woodworking combined with Brutalist architectural influences. Constructed from English oak and finished with black pigment and wax, the joins in the sculptures suggest a previous function and narrative. The work describes the point at which building becomes culture. The act of construction is imbued with meaning that can be read and interpreted; new narratives created from old myths. The works will be exhibited for three nights only.

3rd || Wednesday

Underneath the floorboards, Hackney Attic / Hackney Picturehouse, PV 8pm

A visual arts night, showing the best of experimental film and video art from local Hackney and London artist and filmmakers and also from artist and filmmakers from as far a field as Iran and Mexico. All the works being shown will be shorts and all will no linear in nature. Tickets for £ 2,50.

4th || Thursday

London Original Print Fair.

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Arts

A four-days event that offers an opportunity to buy and view works from all periods of printmaking, from the earliest woodcuts of Dürer, to the latest editions by contemporary masters. Each year LOPF presents its annual Printmaking talk, Friday Young Collectors’ Evening and a programme of free tours, talks and printmaking demonstrations.

Artwork by Liz Whiteman Smith.

Lost and Found, Espacio Gallery, PV 6-9pm

Ten artists have explored the ideas of ‘Lost’ and ‘Found’ over the last year through painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, and interactive installations. The idea of losing and finding is a part of our everyday experience. You can lose – your mind, your temper and your keys. You can find – inner peace, the strength to go on and your keys. At first glance lost is usually negative while found is generally positive. The group of artists has met once a month to discuss their ideas and support each other to create work that is well developed and professionally executed.

11th || Thursday

Ben Russell, The Cactus House.

The Cactus House, Hignell Gallery, PV 10am-6pm

Ben Russell works in collaboration with The Conservatory Archives to transform Hignell Gallery into a Hothouse of marble and alabaster cacti together with real plants.  Coinciding with the Chelsea Flower Show, the event will bring a striking display of greenery which fills the whole gallery, showcasing the sculptures against a backdrop of indoor plants to bring the outdoors in.

Sophie Rogers, x=0 y=0 z=0, courtesy of the artist.

There will be nothing left to suck, Bank Space Gallery,_London Metropolitan University, PV 6-9pm

Stimulated by the question “What if…?”, the exhibition suggests scenarios post-present, proposing alternative- unexpected- futures. The show will look to a me where small decentralised communities reclaim the concept of development from larger centralised powers; and reinterpret it through the reappropriation of materials. There will be nothing left to suck will see both national and international artists question the plausibility of a future where development has superseded itself and product on has ceased.

17th || Wednesday

Rirkrit Tiravanija, untitled 2007 (demonstration drawing 78), 2007. Courtesy the artist and neugerriemschneider, Berlin.

Graphic Witness, Drawing Room, PV 6-8.30pm

The exhibition wants to demonstrate the power of drawing to challenge and question, its capacity to record and reflect protest, and to produce images that bear witness to social injustice and even the horrors of war. The artists in Graphic Witness employ different drawing modes to produce evidence of conflict and suffering, commentaries on injustice and as tools to prompt social change. Featuring Mounira Al Solh, Catherine Anyango Grünewald, Andrea Bowers, Nidhal Chamekh, Eugenio Dittborn, Joy Gerrard, Leon Golub, Beatriz González, George Grosz, Erik van Lieshout, Lorna Simpson, Nancy Spero and Rirkrit Tiravanija.

20th || Saturday

Bona Park, Repeat-Rehearse, image by Tim Bowditch, courtesy of Delfina Foundation, 2015.

CCA Shows 2017: Open House, Delfina Foundation, 12-8pm

This year’s Curating Contemporary Art MA graduating students present their final projects developed in collaboration with leading art galleries based in London. This two-days event responds to Delfina Foundation’s international artist-in-residence programme. Drawing on the personal memories of participants’ residency experiences over the last eleven years, writers, curators, artists and performers, have been commissioned to produce temporary interventions that will catalyse the Foundation’s architecture, to explore ideas of ‘being in residence’, the intersections between public and private and what it means to collect intangible experiences, rather than physical artefacts.

24th || Wednesday

Third Matter, Central Saint Martin College of Arts and Design, PV 12-20pm

Central Saint Martins’ graduates showcase innovative and thought-provoking work from the interdisciplinary MA Art and Science programme. With an eclectic mix of backgrounds, and individual exploration of the interconnecting field of art and science, works respond to diverse topics including: consciousness through sound, non-verbal communication across dimensions, alienation and reclaiming the self, and nostalgia and memory provoked by smell. The body is investigated through the tropes of scientific enquiry and models of artificial intelligence alongside considerations of genetic influence and evolutionary pressure.

27th || Saturday

DIY Art Market, Copeland Gallery, 11am-6pm

DIYAM functions as an affordable space for a diverse group of artists, designers, collectives, and publishers, to exhibit/sell there artwork, engage with the public, and share experiences, opportunities. This event will showcase a curated selection of over 60 emerging artists, exhibiting alongside some more established. Items for sale can include, art prints, ceramics, zines & independent publications, illustration, risograph prints, lo-fi sculptures, jewellery, sewn items, self taught art, comics, custom tees, homemade cassettes, screen prints, and artist books.

Silvia Meloni

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