Monday || 3

You Blew it Up, Night of Vice, 2015

You Blew it Up, Night of Vice, 2015

ArtFix, Night of Vice, 5-10 p.m.

You Blew it Up, a collective of artists, writers and musicians committed to creating art that goes beyond commercial value, presents an environment that recreates the 1980s Miami, as seen in Grand Theft Auto. The famous 2002 video-game becomes a real set that will be used to host an experimental film screening, a live performance and a multi-sensorial installation. Night of Vice is a collaborative project by music producer Peter Humphrey and artist Eliot Jones.

Tuesday || 4


Nice Gallery, Temp Settling, PV 6-8 p.m.

Artist Rosa Farber will inhabit Nice Gallery for two days, living on the supplies kindly offered by the public. Over her stay, Fabner will produce an artwork that will become available for viewing on the closing event of the 6th. Everyone is invited to bring the necessary for her survival as well as materials for the art work.

Wednesday || 5

Fiona Marron, There was truth in what they said, 2009

Fiona Marron, There was truth in what they said, 2009

Flat Time House, Pivot a closed path, PV 5-9 p.m.

Pivot a closed path is the result of Fiona Marron’s four week residency at Flat Time House (FTHo), previously home of the British post-war artist John Latham (1921-2006). The exhibition includes sculptural and moving image installations engaging with the local area, drawing upon some of Latham’s theories found in the House’s archive and corresponding to a conceptualisation of time and matter.

Saturday || 8

Alex Tyrrell, Memories We Made in the Computer Age, 2015

Alex Tyrrell, Memories We Made in the Computer Age, 2015

Lewisham Art House, Alex Tyrrel: Memories We Made in the Computer Age, PV 6-8 p.m.

Sound artist Alex Tyrrell presents his latest installation resulting from three years of experiments. Early stages of the project have been recorded on a vinyl that will be launched on the opening night. The exhibition is curated by Rebecca Edwards.

Thursday || 20

Thickear, Thickear Records Store (logo), 2015

Thickear, Thickear Records Store, 2015

Arebyte Gallery, thickear Records Store, PV 6-9 p.m.

The thickear collective transforms Arebyte gallery space into a fully functioning swap records store, where anyone from the public will be able to browse recordings, release his or her own records, see how it charts and walk away with a limited edition vinyl, flexi-disc or tape. The only currency required to shop are personal details. The Records Store is a continuation of thickear’s series of works that reflects on public transaction though performance, participation, installation and sound. In particular, this latest work is set to interrogate the contemporary e-commerce and hidden data profiles built with every purchase.

Friday || 21

Holly Blakey, Some Greater Class, 2015

Holly Blakey, Some Greater Class, 2015

Hales Gallery, Holly Blakey: Some Greater Class, 7 and 8.45 p.m.

Choreographer and Director Holly Blakey presents a performance exploring the difficulties and contradictions of contemporary performance. The new piece has been made in response to Haler Gallery’s space and its making has involved dancers, musicians, videographers and producers.
The event is free but booking is required.

Tuesday || 25

Thomas Mailaender, Girl liking thire , 2013

Thomas Mailaender, Girl Liking Tire, 2013

Omer Tiroche Contemporary Arts, Thomas Mailaender: Prussian Blue, opens

Roman Road, a platform that promotes emerging and mid-career artists internationally, presents the latest solo show by Thomas Mailaender. Prussian Blue brings together new and unseen art works that Mailaender has created, reworking through cyanotype print and its characteristic intense blue hue images found on-line and at flea markets around Europe. The collection of funny pictures was started by the artist in 2000 and contains over eleven thousand images. Alongside the cyanotypes Mailander also presents a series of smaller photograms, a particular type of contact print.

Wednesday || 26

Michael Samuels, This Much I Know, 2014

Michael Samuels, This Much I Know, 2014

Rockeby, Michael Samuels: Parlour, opens

For his first solo in the gallery’s new premises Michael Samuels has realised a piece in immediate response to Rockeby’s architecture. The work will be accompanied by a series of furniture, ephemera and books, all sourced by the artist and at visitors’ disposal. The exhibition aims to question usual models of display by inviting the public to interact with the show and use the space as a place to share knowledge.


Caterina Berardi

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