CtC’s Artist of the Month is Yuri Pattison (Dublin, 1986) who currently lives and works in London. Pattison’s work encompasses both a virtual and physical dimension, through the use of digital media and sculpture. Throughout his career, his practice has constituted an evolving nature, which increasingly shows his interest in the Internet as a physical space and the human need to contextualise virtual space. In this sense, Yuri Pattison’s practice explores ways in which the virtual world permeates material reality, addressing issues such as the relationship of visual cultures to emerging communication technologies and metadata circulation.

Pattison is currently the Chisenhale Gallery’s Creative Resident (2014-16) where he has created a new web installation, which launched this past July (2015), which will allows users open access to Pattison’s material, sketches for works and commissioned texts. These are all linked by the artist within a changing online landscape, which will continue through to April 2016. He has had a recent solo exhibition with Cell Projects (London), and online exhibitions with the New Museum (2014). With digital web based artist knocking at the door of contemporary art – Pattison is one to keep your eyes on.

For the month of June, CtC will present a selection of Yuri Pattison’s works on the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Check the CtC pages regularly to see the next one.

Yuri Pattinson’s Web Installations:

New Museum

Chisenhale Gallery

Alejandro Ball

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