“There’s dialogue going on between the movement of the pencil against the page and the tapping of the white cane along the pavement. There’s dialogue going on between a spontaneous gesticulation and a sign language handshape, which happen to resemble one another while meaning quite different things and meaning those things in quite different ways. There’s dialogue going on between the different meanings of a homophone, which coexist quite separately only to be revealed when they’re forced up against one other in a neatly worded pun. These phenomena coexist in their separate domains like doppelgänger who’ve never met but are irrepressibly similar all the same.”[i]

On the 16th of April, 2015, artist and writer Tamarin Norwood performed three texts for amaCollective’s curated programme accompanying the exhibition The Naturalness of Strange Things at Five Years (http://www.fiveyears.org.uk/), London. The exhibition featured the collaborative work of Sally Morfill and Ana Čavić who experimented with the asemic writing of Henri Michaux in the form of drawings and poems. The event, the line that (breathes), was the first of two curated interventions, and took the form of two additional works – an adhesive vinyl, A Line Describing A Curve (2012), and video, A Line Describing A Line Describing A Curve (2015) – and a presentation. The live reading of the texts explored the processes of translation, mistranslation and the associated losses and gains.

Tamarin Norwood – the line that (breathes) from amaCollective on Vimeo.

Amy E. Brown


One of the texts, Tamarin Norwood: the line that (…) Q&A, can be found online here

For more about the line that (breathes) and The Naturalness of Strange Things please click here

Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer. Recent UK commissions include Tate Britain, Art on the Underground, Modern Art Oxford and the London Word Festival; international exhibitions include MOCCA Toronto, ICA Philadelphia, Beton7 Athens and AC Institute New York. Recent art writing and fiction includes publications by the ICA, Live Art Development Agency and Bloodaxe, and her latest artist book ‘olololo’ was published by Modern Art Oxford with Book Works studio. Tamarin studied linguistics and medieval Italian literature before training as an artist at Central Saint Martins and Goldsmiths, and is now completing a practice-led doctorate in Fine Art as an Oxford University Clarendon Scholar.


amaCollective are a curatorial collective comprising Alejandro Ball, Amy E. Brown and Miriam La Rosa who investigate their notion of Dialogue through performance and performativity.



[i] Excerpt from Tamarin Norwood: the line that (…) Q&A

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