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LIMITACTION – Privacy 6-8.30 pm, opens

The second part of LIMITACTION, a six-month programme developed as an artistic and curatorial residency with Charlotte Warne Thomas, opens with a new installation in the window space which can be seen from the 2nd to the 8th of April, 24 hours a day. Directly opposite the Whitechapel Gallery at CASS Central House.


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A Statue is Present, Royal College of Psychiatrists, PV 6-8pm

“An archive is the research foundation, it contains the keys to understand the subject matter. But an archive is as relevant as vague, it is a labyrinthine path into a bottomless wealth of information: it can lead you to the solution or to many dead ends. The latter option is as more likely as less the researcher knows the subject.” Drawing on the Royal College of Psychiatrists Antiquarian Archive, four curators have invited four artists to produce new works responding to the XVIII century statues of Melancholy & Raving Madness. Mikey Cook, Travis Jeppesen, Jérémie Magar and Daniel Silver will give them a new voice, life and meaning.


Progetto/Project – Federica Beretta

Progetto/Project – Federica Beretta

Progetto/Project – Chocolate Studios, Flat 21 – 6-9pm

Project is a reflection on the process of realisation: the phase preceding the complete work or the finished object. It examines the “moving forward” attitude which is central to a human being. Featuring the work of Federica Beretta and curated by Kornelia Pawlukowska.



The Naturalness of Strange Things: the line that (…), five years gallery, 6-9pm, opens

An exhibition of the work of Sally Morfill who began to redraw the lines from Henri Michaux’s ‘asemic’ writing and Ana Čavić who has taken the lines and reconfigured them to create a series of poems, which blur the border between writing and drawing. The exhibit includes a reactive exhibition programme, as curated by amaCollective, featuring artists Tamarin Norwood and Louise Stern. From the 9th to the 26th of April.


Friday || 10

Thomas Raat, The Experimenter’s Dilemma, installation view, 2013

Thomas Raat, The Experimenter’s Dilemma, installation view, 2013

Thomas Raat, Andor Gallery, PV 6 ̶9 pm

Dutch born painter Thomas Raat produces large scale paintings mindful of the Hard Edge. Flatness, shape and colour are the principal features in works that thus seem to be the perfect realisation of Theodor Adorno’s quest for the discovery of art’s very own means. Raat was a resident of the Delfina studio program between 2005 ̶2006 and at SPACE in 2008. 2.II is the second project with ANDOR following his exhibition in 2011, and will showcase Raat’s new body of works.


Monday || 13

Gillian Ayres, Tivoli, 2001

Gillian Ayres, Tivoli, 2001

Gillian Ayres: new painting & prints, Alan Cristea, opens

Gillian Ayres is one big name of English abstraction. Over her long career she exhibited in the most important institutions and exhibitions, including the Whitechapel Gallery’s seminal show British Painting in the 60s (1965). Her canvases are a happy marriage of ‘Matissian’ playful shapes and shades, where brush strokes build up thick layers of paint, one after another, recording the fluent motion of the hand and conveying their tactile attribute. After 65 years, Gillian keeps producing an important body of work. Alan Cristea presents her latest production alongside four large scale paintings spanning 1959 ̶1997.


Tuesday || 14

AFROGALACTICA: A short history of the future from Kapwani Kiwanga on Vimeo.

Kapwani Kiwanga, South London Gallery, PV

The Canadian artist draws from her educational background in anthropology to explore, with every piece of her, social and political issues. Whether Kiwanga uses video, sound or installation the fictional element is always pivotal in the subtle, romantic and sometimes ironic description of not so happy circumstances and historical events. She sweetens the pill by turning facts into stories. For her solo show at SLG, the first in UK territory, Kapwani Kiwanga continues her research into the legacy of the 1905-1907 Maji Maji uprising against German colonial rule in what was then Tanganyika, German East Africa.


Thursday || 16

A Line Describing a Curve Describing a Curve (2013) – Tamarin Norwood

A Line Describing a Curve Describing a Curve (2013) – Tamarin Norwood

the line that (breathes), five years gallery, opens 6.30-8.30pm

The first intervention of amaCollective’s reactive exhibition programme will feature the addition of a film work from artist and writer Tamarin Norwood. On the evening, the piece A Line Describing a Curve Describing a Curve will become part of the exhibit, conversing with the pieces already present in the space before the final intervention the following week.


Saturday || 18

AA Bronson, Queer Spirits and Other Invocations..., installation view 2011

AA Bronson, Queer Spirits and Other Invocations…, installation view 2011

AA Bronson: Hexenmeister, Maureen Paley, opens

AA Bronson is an artist, writer, curator, former president of Printed Matter, Inc. and he also started the New York Art Book Fair. As if this ain’t enough, in 1969, Bronson also formed the artists’ group General Idea with Jorge Zontal and Felix Partz. The three of them lived and worked together until the death of both his colleagues and friend in 1994. Since then, Bronson has worked by himself and in 1999 he became a healer, a profession which is deeply rooted and clearly mirrored in his contemporary production. Hexenmeister, from German, means sorcerer, wizard – at Maureen Paley we can expect Bronson’s mystical nature unveiled and, most likely, another great show.


Tuesday || 21

 Jonathan Meese and Tal R. Installation Shots, Mother, 2006

Jonathan Meese and Tal R. Installation Shots, Mother, 2006

Tal R: Moon Walk, Vitoria Miro, PV 6-8 pm “I do painting a bit like people make a lunch box” Tal R explains, “I constantly have this hot-pot boiling and I throw all kinds of material into it.” Kolbojnik, the Hebrew word for leftovers is what better describes Tal R ways of collecting and accumulating heterogeneous materials. His installations appear very much like Harry Potter’s room of hidden things where objects sit next to each other without being given any hierarchy or categorisation. Textile works, pottery and his colourful canvases of a primitive imagery will turn the two floors of Victoria Miro into a collection of mirabilia. victoria-miro.com/exhibitions/472/

Thursday || 23

Clinton Hayden, Your Weight or Mine (Lover's Noose), installation view, 2015

Clinton Hayden, Your Weight or Mine (Lover’s Noose), installation view, 2015

Object for Rebels and Lovers, BEERS Contemporary, PV 6 ̶9 pm

BEERS contemporary is known for having a strong roster of emerging artists and for its next exhibition it presents what appear to be yet another undiscovered gem. This will be the first show in the UK, and a solo one, for the Australian Clinton Hayden. His studio based multidisciplinary practice uses photography as the pivotal element for assemblages and installations that investigate the ideas of intimacy and desire. He is primarily interested in exploring the classic notion of Romanticism with all the opposite forces and emotions within it. A fight between acceptance and rejection, a longing for more, for the infinite, that leads to a fractured story recounted through a myriad of pieces coming all together in a unique, soulful one.


Fabien Cappello, Happiness for Daily Life, 2010

Fabien Cappello, Happiness for Daily Life, 2010

Fabien Cappello: Streetscape, Stanley Pickler Gallery, PV 6-8.30 pm

What can make sitting on a bench in a beautiful park, over a summer sunny day, even better? Sitting on a beautiful bench, obviously. The Stanley Pickler gallery, within the Kingston College premises, presents a new collection of street furniture by 2013 Design Fellow Fabien Cappello. Cappello reflects on the notions of manufacturing and the locally-made, arriving to explain what Made in London means nowadays. His fun yet seriously conceived street furniture have been created thinking about the relation with the surroundings, the borough of Kingston, and built using locally sourced materials.


Extractions (still) – Louise Stern

Extractions (still) – Louise Stern

The line that (speaks), five years gallery, 6.30 – 8.30 pm, opens

Louise Stern’s work Extractions will become a part of the exhibition The Naturalness of Strange Things: the line that (…) at Five Years Gallery. As part of the programme of the exhibition, Stern’s work is the final dialogical intervention into the space which is already occupied by the work of Sally Morfill, Ana Čavić and Tamarin Norwood.


Friday || 24

Paul McCarthy, Brancusi Tree, 2007

Paul McCarthy, Brancusi Tree, 2007

Paul McCarthy: The Box, Pippy Houldsworth, opens

The Box at Pippy Houldsworth Gallery will host Paul McCarthy’s infamous Butt Plug, probably worth seeing just as a fun follow-up to the ‘Paris Christmas tree scandal’, or the act of vandalism that happened last October, of the giant, inflatable brother of this silver tool. What it is interesting instead, is The Box itself: a micro project space consisting of a floating white cube set inside a black vertical opening. A unique architectural space that has contained works from the likes of Ai Wei Wei, Hussein Chalayan, David Batchelor and many others.


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