Through the course of this series, individuals will recollect through the use of an object, place, or sound, for moments in their history that was significant. With the outcome of producing an immersive vocal landscape of their story.

Recurring fragments – a common thread for many. Memories pulled to a singularity, endlessly cycling through our thoughts. And yet their appearance in our recollections is a certainty to our being – pulling our focus into the perspective of the individual’s eyes. Could we not then claim these reappearing themes in our memories, the objects to our minds eye? Or those tits and tats that form the anchor point to the self?

Lyndsey Gilmour explores this notion of the repetitive fragment through a continual narrative collage that explores this chaotic, multilayered remembrance. Interestingly, her recollection mirrors her visual practice: flatness, form, layering, familiarity and repetitiveness. And through her narrative Lyndsey divulges the multitude of paths to this chronic theme with a further layer of chaotic voices from her closest artist friends from her university years. These voices symbolise a similar importance to that of the recurring objects present in her visual artworks.

Olivandro Caballero

Lyndsey Gilmour (Glasgow, 1988) completed her BA Honours degree in Painting at Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, in 2010. She was selected to exhibit at the Royal Scottish Academy’s “New Contemporaries” exhibition and the “New Faces” exhibition at Leith Gallery, Edinburgh. In 2014, Lyndsey graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art with a specialism in Painting. During this period she was selected as a recipient of the William Coldstream Prize. Currently Lyndsey is living and working in London and has a studio with Acme in Stratford.


Olivandro Caballero is a Peruvian/American artist that lives and works in London. His work and interests lie in the exploration of language as social coding and its integration into human culture and consciousness. This is further extended by his bilingual upbringing between Spanish and English and the natural confliction brought on by the translation process.  

Vocal Collaboration:
Amy Brown
Laura Campbell
David Green
Lois Green
Naomi Leckie
Sophie Ormerod

Image: Olivandro Caballero, Untitled, 2014,

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