Enrico Castellani, Superficie Gialla no. 2, 1964

Enrico Castellani, Superficie Gialla no. 2, 1964

October is a fertile period for art business: Frieze will be soon opening its doors but, beforehand, deals are to be made at Sotheby’s.

On Sunday the 12th, the auction house will exhibit works from old Italian masters to be sold on the 17th, over Frieze week. Lots range from Balla, De Chirico and Morandi to Alighiero Boetti, Alberto Burri and Giuseppe Penone, also including a prestigious Superficie Bianca (1967) by Enrico Castellani and one of Manzoni’s Achromes (1958-59). Excepting these last two, prices do not exceed the million GBP.

This is just a taste of a bigger auction happening in early November at Sotheby’s New York, where Modigliani’s Tete (1911-12) and Giacometti’s Chariot (1950-52), none of which have ever been auctioned ever since their conception, are expected to sell for over $145,000.

Compared to a not so brilliant period in recent years, 2014 has been a good one for art sales but, looking at the outcomes of Art Basel Hong Kong and the recently finished International Art Fair in Istanbul, it is clear that much of that business comes from the East.

The Italian Sale is open to the public at Sotheby’s London from Sunday the 12th of October through to the 17th.

Caterina Berardi

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