R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011

R. Mosse, Vintage Violence, 2011

CtC’s Artist of the Month for October is this year’s winner of the prestigious Deutsche Boerse Prize. Richard Mosse (b. 1980) is an Irish conceptual documentary photographer currently based in the US. His project, The Enclave, is the final result of his work in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

For its continuous wars, Congo is perceived in the western world as a place of darkness. By using an obsolete infrared film, once employed to reveal camouflaged stations, Mosse represents it instead as a surreal world of colours and light. At the same time though, his hallucinated view intends to underline the insufficiency of the photographic means in representing Congo’s disillusioned and overly troubled situation.

For the 55th Venice Biennale, in which Richard Mosse represented Ireland, The Enclave was turned into an immersive video installation shot on discontinued military surveillance film and accompanied by eleven point surround sound from recordings gathered in North and South Kivu.
A travelling exhibition of The Enclave was also presented by The Vinyl Factory. It was Mosse’s first UK solo show, proposed again shortly on by The Photographers’ Gallery as the winning work of the 2014 Deutsche Boerse Prize.

Over the month of October, CtC will present a selection of four pictures from The Enclave series, which will be used as cover picture of our Facebook and Twitter pages, each for the duration of a week.

Check CtC pages regularly to not miss the new one!

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