2 || February

5YRSLY VIDEO – Laura Nicholson, film screening, Five Years, 7.30pm

5YRSLY VIDEO has invited nine artists to present a series of screening events throughout February and early march 2019.

Laura Nicholson presents-
How To, Amanda Bonaiuto; The Arrow On My Throat, Sebastian Nicolai; Link, Robert Ioebel; FLUIDOS, Raul Canestro; Hypertrain, Etienne Kompis and Fela Bellotto; Heart chakra, Angela Stempel; The Shirley Tempel, Daniela Sherer; Have an Alright day, Elenor Kopka; SMALL PEOPLE WITH HATS, Sarina Nihei; Resund- where’s my stick, Clifford Sage, Illusions by Dominica Harrison and Inside the House by Laura Nicholson

A circle whispering dot by Nicole Bachmann, performance, Mimosa House, 6pm

The performance is based on a script written by Nicole Bachmann and then developed with the three performers, based on experimentation and improvisation. With Nicole Bachmann with Legion Seven, Sonya Francis Cullingford and Patricia Langa.

5 || February

Image courtesy of Iringó Demeter

Is Childbirth the Ultimate Taboo?, panel discussion, Elephant, 6pm

Join us for a candid panel discussion on childbirth and its image in contemporary culture, busting myths around one of the most universal yet taboo subjects in the world. Guests are invited to share their birth stories and experiences, and to hear speakers, curator Helen Knowles, midwife Claire Cousins, and artist Iringó Demeter talk about how birth has shaped their work and changed their lives.

6 || February

Figs in Wigs: Often Onstage, performance, Battersea Arts Centre, 8pm

Often Onstage is an offbeat facetious romp that explores the ins and outs of theatre through the medium of dance. Expect nods to the new, bows to the bard, blood baths and drag kings. With one step forward and two hundred steps back, this choreographic exercise in comings and goings gleefully disrupts traditional theatrical conventions.. unearthing dormant anxieties about life choices along the way.

7 || February

Louise Ashcroft: Unperforming, performance, Toynbee Studios, 7.30pm

Break all your New Year’s resolutions as Louise Ashcroft and seven artists treat you to a chain reaction of performative dopamine hits to overstimulate your short attention span. Tickets are £6.

15 || February

Unknown, screening + discussion, A- – -Z at Danielle Arnaud, 6pm

Featuring films by Kenneth Anger, Jordan Baseman, Derek Jarman, Victoria Sin, Jenna Sutela and Su Hui-Yu. Followed by a discussion with Sonya Dyer & Victoria Sin, chaired by Helena Reckitt – on the use of Sci-Fi and speculative Futures to deconstruct and appropriate new power relationships against the divide in the so-called ‘other’, in terms of gender and race. Tickets must be booked in advance.

20 || February

Larry Achiampong & David Blandy + Annie Jael Kwan, artist talk, Arts Catalyst, 6.30pm

Join us on the 20 February for a talk with artists Larry Achiampong and David Blandy, who will be in-conversation with curator, writer and researcher Annie Jael Kwan at our Centre, reflecting on their new work, ‘Genetic Automata’.

24 || February

Ollie Dook, Of Landscape Immersion,2018, film still, courtesy the artist.

Invites Artist’s Presentation: Ollie Dook, film screening, Zabludowicz Collection, 3pm

Ollie Dook presents a screening programme of documentary, artists’ films and found material that has directly influenced his work, expanding on his interest in how we consume and construct images of animals.

26 || February

Zach Blas: Metric Mysticism, lecture- performance, Edel Assanti, 7pm

Edel Assanti is pleased to present Zach Blas’ Metric Mysticism, in conjunction with our current exhibition We are the people. Who are you?

Metric Mysticism is a lecture-performance that gazes into the crystal balls of Silicon Valley and charts the transmutation of big data into a magical substance that predicts—and polices—the future.

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