6 || November

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 2.13.03 pm

International Lecture Series 3: War and Architecture – Jianfei Zhu, Royal College of Art, Kensington, Lecture Theatre 1, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Geopolitics and Modern Architecture in/around East Asia. Responding to a rising tension across the Pacific and arguing that we are yet to fully understand how war has impacted on perception, design and planning in modern architecture, this talk explores a narrative of modern architecture of Northeast Asia where war and geopolitical relations play a crucial role. This talk will share theoretical reflections and empirical cases around a cluster of states in and beyond the region. Arguing for a borderless, networked approach, this study also explores how strategic thinking may become entangled with aesthetic obsessions, as Paul Virilio first sensed on the Atlantic Wall.

8 || November


Zabludowicz Collection Invites: Tamu Nkiwane, PV, Zabludowicz Collection, 6 – 9pm

Tamu Nkiwane examines his surrounding environment and considers resonances from the past through gathering and reassembling particular materials and objects. A mode of autobiographical research underpins his projects, be that a focus on the detritus of urban streets of his home town of London or, more recently, the more unfamiliar surroundings of his extended family in Zimbabwe.


In Conversation: Francis Upritchard and Brian Griffiths, Talk, Barbican Centre (Frobisher Auditorium 2), 7pm

Join sculptor Francis Upritchard as she discusses her new Curve commission Wetwang Slack with fellow artist Brian Griffiths. Playing with scale, colour and texture, Upritchard has populated the gallery with a vibrant collection of materials, expertly blending figurative sculpture and design to transform the 90-metre gallery. The fully illustrated catalogue Francis Upritchard: Wetwang Slack – including a joint essay by Tessa Laird and Gwynneth Porter and an interview by Leila Hasham – will also be available to purchase for the first time.

9 || November


Neil Zakiewicz – Working, Opening, Domo Baal, 6 – 8pm

Domo Baal is delighted to present Neil Zakiewicz’s solo exhibition ‘Working’ with an accompanying text by John Chilver. “The world of getting things sorted out. They never belonged to that world. It felt small–minded to them. Back then it did. Now they do belong more to that world. Never thought they would. Neil Zakiewicz too. Back then he seemed more shoulders and shrugs, quips and ankles and artless antics than tactics and frowns and wrinkles…” Exhibition running until 15 December.

10 || November


Distribute / Cooperate – resource and labour distribution in arts organisations, ICA, 12pm

Developed through discussions between New York-based activist organisation W.A.G.E., and UK arts organisations Cubitt, not/nowhere, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and Transmission Gallery, this workshop focuses on models of cooperativity in relation to wider concerns around resource distribution in the art field. Taking the institutional models of its organisers as a starting point, discussions will look at how artist-led cooperative models can challenge hierarchies embedded within payment systems and produce new approaches to remunerating the labour of artists, cultural workers, and organisers in support of collective political struggle. This workshop is participatory and places are limited, please register here.

11 || November


THE WAY THINGS ARE, Opening, Arebyte Gallery, 6 – 9pm

THE WAY THINGS ARE is a solo exhibition of new work by Leeds based artist Karanjit Panesar, the final selected artist of the hotel generation development programme for 2018. Comprising sculpture, film, CGI animation, and text, the show borrows from the language of advertising and political rhetoric in an effort to ridicule the pervasive nature of the neoliberal system; its apparent finality and preclusion of alternatives. Framed within an installation that is suggestive of some site of theatrical ruin, the exhibited works move between pessimism and guarded optimism, and between loosely suggested futures and fictive pasts. The exhibition considers the critical function of utopian thinking, and in doing so addresses a crisis of the social imaginary.

15 || November


Ceal Floyer, Private View, Lisson Gallery (67 Lisson Street), 6 -8pm

Lisson Gallery is pleased to welcome a new exhibition by Berlin-based artist Ceal Floyer, her sixth with the gallery since she first showed in the same spaces in 1997. Over 20 years on, Floyer has lost none of her defiant simplicity or piercing philosophical precision, producing a distinct body of sculptural works, featuring poetic situations, subtle interventions, as well as new video and light installations.

19 || November


Made in Los Angeles: Light and Space, Talk, Hayward Gallery, 7pm

Find out about the work of artists including Larry Bell and Helen Pashgian in this introductory talk on the Light and Space movement. Dr Rachel Rivenc of the Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, gives an introductory talk on West Coast minimalist sculpture and installation art, also known as the Light and Space movement. The movement originated with a group of artists based in and around Los Angeles in the 1960s – among them Larry Bell, Robert Irwin and Helen Pashgian – who began experimenting with unconventional materials to make a new kind of art characterised by clean lines, simple shapes, and pristine reflective or translucent surfaces.

29 || November

Rebecca Birch, Undermine (Production still)

The Yellowing, Part 2 (Bell Mouth) – Rebecca Birch, Performance, The Swiss Church in London,  5.15pm, 6.15pm, 7.15pm and 8.15pm

The Yellowing, Part 2 (Bell Mouth) is a new audio- visual performance, that brings the architecture and history of the Swiss Church into dialogue with the current life of a bell mouth intersection on the A583 in Lancashire. This bell mouth, as the gateway to a fracking site has, over the past two years, become inhabited as a place of resistance, reflection and togetherness. Performances last approximately 25 minutes and will take place every 45 minutes. Admission is free but please book here if you would like to guarantee entry for a particular time slot (5.15pm, 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm, 8.15pm).


Featured Image: Francis Upritchard, Green Muppet Hand (2018). © Francis Upritchard. Photo: Angus Mill.

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