7 || August


When They Flow, performance, Chisenhale Studios, 2pm

When They Flow is an exhibition that investigates a fluid dialogue, transcending language barriers between humans and nature. Through different practices, such as role playing, listening, ritual praying, dancing, the three artworks created by Pei-Ying Lin, Rie Toguchi, and Clara Pereda, explore a new balance between humans, nature, and even culture. Pei- Ying’s role-play board game design will be installed in the garden, while Clara’s interactive performance will be taking place in the Victoria park. Works of Rie Toguchi, on the other hand, will be installed in the studio, presenting an immersive landscape.

9 || August


Yen Tzu Chang: Whose Scalpel, performance, Somerset House, 6.30-9pm

Taiwanese artist Yen Tzu Chang presents an artist talk followed by her Whose Scalpel performance. Whose Scalpel is a sound performance combined with visual and 3D printed installation, realized with an application framework for medical image processing. Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.

11 || August


Divine Cargo, Performance,  South London Gallery, 6-9pm

An evening of performances featuring readings and audio-visual work by Michael Andrew Corcoran, Adam Gallagher, Sophie Jung, Sam Keogh, Philomene Pirecki, Ash Reid, and Hannah Regel. Divine Cargo is curated by Daniel Neofetou. Tickets cost £7.

17 || August


Hush Hush: Conversations with Myself, exhibition, Guest Projects

Hush Hush: Conversations with Myself is an interdisciplinary art and music event curated by Concrete Assembly at Guest Projects, East London. This is a group show of individual moving-image and painting language works, they can be viewed as a series of monologues, co-exist only within self and dialogue.  The exhibition opens with an audio-visual performance by Cephalopedia: an international group of experimental artists, who use a helmet to create music from the wearers brainwaves and synth pop singer-songwriter Pet Grotesque.

18 ||August


if you can’t share no one gets any, exhibition launch, LUX, 2-4pm

if you can’t share no one gets any is an exhibition by Cinenova, a volunteer run feminist film and video distributor based at LUX, Waterlow Park. Cinenova has invited artist Carolyn Lazard and the worker collective Collective Text to share the space of this exhibition to present work which addresses some of the barriers to the access of film and video in its production, distribution and exhibition.

19 || August


Huw Lemmey: Only the Shallow Know Themselves, walking tour, Studio Voltaire, 3-5.30pm

Huw Lemmey will explore the complex relationship between homosexuality and espionage in the British imagination. From the Cambridge Five and the Vassall Scandal to ‘London Spy’, a BBC drama based on the mysterious death of GCHQ employee Gareth Wyn Williams. Tickets are £3, booking recommended. This walk will take place across sites in South London, all of which relate to the history and culture of spying, from the 1930’s to the present day.

22 || August


Reading group: Plant colonialism and new ecosystems, Pump House Gallery, 3-5pm

The Reading Group is a free, informal group, open to all ages. All reading material will be provided and it is not a requirement for participants to read the texts prior to the sessions. This session, designed by artist Mónica Rivas Velásquez and Programme Coordinator Lou-Atessa Marcellin, will explore how the introduction of non-native species in an ecosystem generates dramatic changes resulting in the metamorphosis of its environment and community, considering also the historical context of the botanical-colonial enterprise and its effects.

23 || August


Alterations Residency, private view, OTO Project Space, Cafe OTO, 5-7pm

With installations, artworks and works in progress by Peter Cusack, Terry Day and archives and objects from Steve Beresford, Gina Southgate and Blanca Regina. After the success of Alterations Festival in 2016, Alterations plus guests will be back to perform at Cafe OTO and present workshops some of their archives and artworks at Oto Projects, responding to nature, history and music.

24 ||August


Tom Milnes: A Catalogue of Errors, exhibition preview, Magdalen Road Studios, 6-9pm

A Catalogue of Errors exhibition is an exploration of materiality of site and technology. Milnes showcases new works which focus on errors inherent within digital technologies, exposing failure as a method for generativity within technology. His recent research concentrates on the materiality of data, surveillance and 3D technologies that are subject to cloud computing.

To be potentially featured in future listings please send your information to editorialteam@curatingthecontemporary.org

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