4 || July


Kehinde Andrews in Conversation with Afua Hirsch, Tate Britain, 6:45-8pm

For this special event Kehinde Andrews will be in conversation with renowned writer and broadcaster Afua Hirsch to discuss the long and complex history of Black radical politics. This conversation frames the publication of Kehinde’s new book Back to Black: Re-telling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century, which draws on the past contributions of figures such as Marcus Garvey, Angela Davis and the Black Panthers. The book considers how the black radical tradition has been misrepresented and obscured over time: willfully distorted by those seeking to suppress it. Booking essential.


Dialogues: Fiona Grady, Tess Jaray, Bridget Riley and Carol Robertson, Exhibition PV, Flowers Gallery, 6-8pm

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of prints by Fiona Grady, Tess Jaray, Bridget Riley and Carol Robertson, focusing on a selection of works in which silkscreen printing has been used as a vital method to investigate the complex and dynamic interactions of colour, form, space and light. Comprising precisely delineated geometric shapes, repeated and reflected forms, and subtly fluctuating, radiant fields of colour, the works in the exhibition expand upon the experience and perception of surface, depth and movement within pictorial and perceptual space. Exhibition running until 8 September 2018.


Matilda Tjäder, Performance, Cell Project Space, 7pm

For their solo exhibition at Cell Project Space, Dorota Gawęda and Eglė Kulbokaitė present the fifth iteration of the performance YGRG 14X: reading with a single hand along with a new video installation under the same title. Initially conceived for the 13th Baltic Triennial-Prelude, CCA, Vilnius in September 2017, the performative installation investigates the act of reading as an intimate experience, holding the potentiality to become public performance through the « outlouding » of words. As part of the public programme of the exhibition, artist/writer Matilda Tjäder will perform on the 4th July and artist Garrett Nelson on the 11th July; with an opportunity to view the exhibition after each event. The penultimate performance will be repeated on the closing date of the show on Sunday 22nd July at 4pm.

6 || July


Episode 2: LÚA CODERCH , Exhibition, The RYDER

For the second episode of the exhibition AS LONG AS SUMMER LASTS:
Tamara Kuselman, Lúa Coderch, Andrea Canepa, The RYDER presents Shelter: a video essay in the form of a correspondence, in which the construction of a refuge – a makeshift architecture that will only just serve to survive the night in a hostile or unknown environment – provides the pretext for a conversation about issues like traceability and substance, technology and time. This production explores the forms of emerging thought in their material configuration, be it only gesture, word or sound and however ephemeral it may appear. Coderch’s work will be exhibited from 6 to 15 July and we are open Wednesday to Sunday, 12 to 6pm.


Resis’dance: Live Session, Somerset House (Lancaster Rooms), 7:30-11:30pm

On Pride weekend Resis’dance bring you an evening celebrating queer female & non-binary artists at Somerset House Studios. They’ll bring together seasoned tastemakers with some of London’s emerging talent, curating a night of poetry, live music and DJs. Expect neo soul, vocal house, deep soulful jazz, broken beat, afrobeat and hip hop. Resis’dance are a women and non-binary events collective challenging gender norms in the music scene and creating safe spaces on the dance-floor.

7  || July 


Saturday Talks: Melissa Blanchflower on Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Serpentine Gallery, 3pm

Curator, Melissa Blanchflower, leads a tour of Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Barrels and The Mastaba (1958–2018). Christo and Jeanne-Claude are celebrated for their ambitious sculptural works that intervene in urban and natural landscapes around the world and temporarily alter both the physical form and visual appearances of sites. This summer, in the heart of London, the Serpentine Galleries presents a major exhibition of their work, which draws on the artists’ history of barrel artworks. Simultaneously, Christo will present The Mastaba (Project for London, Hyde Park, Serpentine Lake), a temporary floating sculpture on The Serpentine lake.


Art Night x DRAF. An Evening of Video Screenings, Village Hall, Battersea Power Station, 6-10pm (followed by Club Night with Lisson Gallery, last entry 1am)

An evening of screenings of video works from the David Roberts Collection brings together a wide array of artistic positions, which oscillate between the factual and the fictional. Featuring: David Shrigley, Nicolas Provost, Frances Young, Cyprien Gaillard, Neil Beloufa and Lars Laumann. A Club Night in collaboration with Lisson Gallery opens with a special screening of Hans Berg & Nathalie Djurberg‘s Waterfall Variations series, followed by a live set by Hans Berg and DJ set by Haroon Mirza. The video programme will be repeated on Sunday 8 Jul, 11am – 6pm for a special Art Night Sunday Trail.


Art Night 2018, South Bank, Vauxhall, Nine Elms – curated by Hayward Gallery

Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary arts festival. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art. This year, Art Night heads south of the river for the first time: the 2018 trail will transform the Thames riverbank between the South Bank and Battersea Power Station, via Vauxhall and Nine Elms, taking place in iconic and off-the-beaten-track venues. Ralph Rugoff and the Hayward Gallery team have curated projects by 12 internationally renowned artists to coincide with the institution’s 50th anniversary.


Kim Coleman & Susie Green – ‘If They Be Two’. Opening event, Five Years, 7-10pm

If They Be Two addresses a time in two artists’ lives as they pause to reflect on their bodies, their experiences with and without lovers, and their relationship as friends. Presented as a two channel looped video installation, the work depicts the artists’ individual unclothed bodies as they film each other at home, touching each other only with the gaze of their phone cameras. Exhibition runs 7 – 24 July. A screening of related moving image by Wendy Clarke and Candace Compton and Nancy D’Angelo will be held on the 9th of July 7-9pm. 

11 || July 

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 10_17_39

INVASIVE BEHAVIOUR, Exhibition PV, Co-Play Project Space, 6-9 pm

Taking place in Co-Play Project Space in Soho, Invasive Behaviour features work by eight contemporary artists: Samuel Capps, Lily Hawkes, Joey Holder, Anna Hughes, Tomasz Kobialka, Isaac Lythgoe, Nemo Nonnenmacher and Rafal Zajko. This group exhibition explores the intersection between nature and culture, reflecting an invasive behaviour that encompasses new technological and aesthetic attributes.  Seeds of a new subjectivity that began with nature and, through technology’s entanglement, have sprouted a new consciousness. In so doing they force us to question that which we thought was purely biological. Open: 12th – 15th July 12 – 7pm

17 || July


Hush Hush: Conversations with Myself, Event, Guest Projects, 7-9pm

Hush Hush: Conversations with Myself is an interdisciplinary art and music event curated by Concrete Assembly at Guest Projects, in East London. Dagmar Schürrer, Melanie Eckersley, Pietro Bardini and Cosima Cobley Carr, show works that highlight and challenge how we relate to our environment of material and the ever-increasing array of immaterial and digital objects, how one’s individual voice is affected by our online representations, the relationship between individuality and creativity, as well as how we relate to those whose inner lives seem strange or unfamiliar.
17th  PV:  19.00 – 21.00 with audio-visual performance from Cephalopedia.
18th  Music Night:  18.30 – 24.00 with Pietro (Set), Pet Grotesque (Live), Katie Fiore (Live), Optic Nerve (Live).
19th  Dinner with the artists:  18.30 – 20.30 tickets through our Kickstarter campaign.

19 || July

Nøtel - credit Nøtel Corporation, Lawrence Lek _ Kode9 - LO-RES

Nøtel. Lawrence Lek & Kode9, Exhibition PV, arebyte, 6-9pm

Nøtel is an immersive, two-chapter, multimedia installation by London-based artist Lawrence Lek, created in collaboration with electronic musician Kode9 (Steve Goodman). The project installation transforms the gallery into a marketing suite for the fictional Nøtel Corporation, advertising future plans for a global expansion of the hotel chain. The exhibition uses similar conventions of property marketing, including a video trailer and virtual reality, to conjure an image of a future luxury hotel as if it will be developed on site. Exhibition runs Friday 20 July – Saturday 1 September.

21 || July


Simon English, Smile Please. Works on paper and sculpture, 2014-18, Exhibition PV, PEER, 6-8pm

PEER presents Smile Please, a significant new body of ‘painted drawings’ by Simon English, accompanied by other recent works on paper and rarely seen sculptural assemblages created by the artist between 2014 and 2018. English’s prolific practice is primarily drawing based. Using ink, pen, graphite and watercolour, he pairs, sequences and arranges these drawings in grids often comprising more than 100 works on a single wall. This regular and rational arrangement gives order to what is an overwhelming, changing, seemingly diaristic, kaleidoscope on the artist’s psyche. Gay culture, pop music, love, loss and recovery are key thematic threads in English’s work though spontaneity and action remain, and a giving over of himself to the blank page.


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