2nd || Thursday

Mehdi Ghadyanloo, The City of Hope, 2016

Mehdi Ghadyanloo, The City of Hope, 2016.

Spaces of hope: Mehdi Ghadyanloo, Ambika P3, PV 7pm

An important moment in this artist’s practice, set against a backdrop of intense political upheaval on the global stage. In an ambitious offsite project by Ghadyanloo and Howard Griffin Gallery will take place in the 14,000 square foot subterranean former industrial testing facility of Ambika P3 in central London.


And if a double decker bus…, Kingsgate Workshops, PV 6-8pm

A show that builds slowly and chaotically throughout its 5-week run using the loose categories: Studio matter, Virtual spaces, Domestic lives and Narratives. In week one, 2 artists will install works together. This exhibition will then be open to the public from Thursday through Saturday. In week two, 2 further artists arrive and install more works among the show made the previous week, which then opens to the public from Thursday through Saturday. This will repeat two further times before the closing of the exhibition.

Oliver Hickmet, The End is the Beginning is the End (2017)

Oliver Hickmet, The End is the Beginning is the End, 2017.

The End is the Beginning, Window Space, PV 6-8pm

The End is the Beginning is the End’ explores the way in which our experiences today are mediated through technology. Hickmet’s work negotiates the space between reality and the imaginary by questioning the way in which reality is packaged and reformed. In order to address the discrepancy between how things appear and how things actually are, Hickmet investigates the branding and dissemination of invented spaces, as they are packaged and redistributed through the global subconscious. This presentation is the second of five solo shows commissioned as part of the long- term curatorial project, onepointfiveone, taking place in the Window Space through June 2017.

3rd || Friday

Liam Sy Paquemar, Le Bal d'Artemis Act II

Liam Sy Paquemar, Le Bal d’Artemis Act II.

Le Bal d’Artemis Act II, The Koppel Project, PV 6.30-9pm

This show explores the discourse of hysteria and brings together video, poetry, sculpture and installation by French artist Liam Sy Paquemar. Sublimating the emotional and psychological state of hysteria as a scope for creativity and not as a mere pathology, the artist endeavours to redefine the hysterical. In doing so, he refers to goddess Artemis and to the etymological roots of the word “hysteria”, which is derived from the Greek ὐστέρα meaning matrix or uterus.

Image Viktor Timofeev, 2017.

Image Viktor Timofeev, 2017.

If I could go to sleep for days, would you count the hours? (Sazarus 4), Two Queens, PV 6pm to 9pm

If I could go to sleep for days, would you count the hours? (Sazarus 4) is the latest iteration of the Sazarus project by Viktor Timofeev. Sazarus is an ongoing string of exhibitions, events and works that started in 2015, revolving around an “expanded” computer game developed by Timofeev. The game functions as an obscured part of the working process, used to generate the installations, videos, performances and texts that make up the ongoing project.

5th || Sunday

still from margaret taits on the mountain, courtesy of lux london.

still from margaret taits on the mountain, courtesy of lux london.

Sunday Shorts, Foundling Museum, screening, 2pm

Two films about childhood.
Margaret Tait’s On the Mountain explores the changing pace of life on a single street in Edinburgh. Made on Edinburgh’s Rose Street, the film juxtaposes material from an early black and white film made in 1956, with a later colour film of the same street. Ben Rivers’ Ah Liberty (2008, 20 min), moves from the city to the wilderness, following the unconventional life of a family growing up outside of society. As they live, work and play on a farm in dramatic beautiful surroundings, there is no particular story. Free with museum admission.

6th || Monday


THE HEAVENS, arebyte LASER, PV 6pm – 9pm

arebyte LASER is pleased to announce THE HEAVENS, a new exhibition by Tom Ireland.

The exhibition – Ireland’s first in the capital – brings together new and recent works which continue the artist’s interest in broad notions of space, time, distance and things and the way in which these individual facets interact and their cumulative affect on our individual and collective understanding.

7th || Tuesday

Lucio Fonatanam Concetto Spaziale, 1963

Lucio Fonatanam Concetto Spaziale, 1963.

Lucio Fontana: sculptor – From the Earth to the Cosmo, M&L Fine Arts, PV 6 – 8 pm

Arare opportunity to retrace Lucio Fontana’s (1899-1968) artistic career represented through a series of sculptures and ceramics shown in the UK for the first time. Fontana loved to call himself a sculptor from the very beginning of his career, and envisioned a new art form that could transcend the distinctions that traditionally differentiate painting, sculpture, architecture and decorative art.

9th || Thursday

Doublespace, Art Gallery of Ontario Renovation in Toronto

Doublespace, Art Gallery of Ontario Renovation in Toronto.

Sacred Geometries, Anise Gallery

Inspired by trends in contemporary photography and the diverse writings of Plato, author Robert Lawlor and architectural historian Peg Rawes, an exhibition of photography based on themes found in the sacred geometries. ‘Sacred Geometry’ has various levels of complexity, from the sphere to the flower of life, each with their own significance in fields such as religious and mathematics. However, once these designs enter the realm of art and reproduction, they risk losing their aesthetic power and meaning, as products of the artist’s ideas instead of being autonomous. Does photography change this?

10th || Friday


Cusp, 5th Base Gallery, PV 6pm

6 months ago, 28 artists were asked to produce new work interpreting the concept of ‘cusp’ – to be on the brink, on the threshold or border between two states or actions. The resulting art works will be shown over 2 days only, before being added to the I Heart Art online archive – a record of the work these and other artists have done as part of the I Heart Art Collective since 1999.

17th || Friday


Talented Art Fair, The Old Truman Brewery

Talented Art Fair was founded by Oliver Norris and Leah Michelle, with the aim of offering the public a friendly and affordable place to purchase art directly from established and emerging artists.  Having successfully curated and run exhibitions and art fairs for the past six years, the organisers recognised a gap in the art fair market for artists who have a successful track record for selling their work, and who may also have gallery representation, but want to introduce their art directly to the general buying public in London.


Made London, Canary Wharf

From the 17th to the 20th and from the 22nd to the 25th, a new event bringing some of the best contemporary designer makers in the country to the heart of Canary Wharf, in a temporary pavilion. Refreshments can be bought from any of Canary Wharf’s various bars, cafes and restaurants and will be allowed into the venue.

30th || Thursday

Anne Collier, Positive (California), 2016, C-print, 226.4 x 180.3 cm, Courtesy of the artist; Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Galerie Neu, Berlin; The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow; Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles © Anne Collier.

You are looking at something that never occurred, Zabludowicz Collection

This exhibition brings together artists who use photography as a tool with which to question the boundaries between past and present, the factual and the fictional. Drawing from the Zabludowicz Collection, works produced over a 40 year period by 14 artists explore photography’s ability to suggest moments that are far from certain.

31st || Friday

Loretta Fahrenholz, Implosion, courtesy of Cell Project Space

Loretta Fahrenholz, Implosion, courtesy of Cell Project Space

Perverts, Cell Project Space, PV 6pm to 9pm 

Cell Project Space presents Perverts, a group exhibition that combines emerging artists and writers with internationally renowned artistic and literary figures. The show is organised around the relation of eroticism & desire to the activity of reading and brings the work of contemporary artists into dialogue with historic pieces including writers, performers and visual artists.
Alongside and in conjunction with Perverts will be an evening of performances and readings along with a reading room open for the duration of the exhibition.

Silvia Meloni

Feature image: Anne Collier, Positive (California), 2016, C-print, 226.4 x 180.3 cm, Courtesy of the artist; Anton Kern Gallery, New York; Galerie Neu, Berlin; The Modern Institute/ Toby Webster Ltd., Glasgow; Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles © Anne Collier.

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