Sophro x Atipyka is an audio-visual collaboration between a three piece soul-electronica band and visual artist Carlos Bernal curated by Art Vanguard. It is an ongoing project trying to challenge the conventional social setting of a staged gig and explore options of creating a mesmerising experience of sounds and responsive visuals for our audience.

A few days into the creative process, we ended up making a triangular structure covered in a semi-transparent material, disguising both the band members and a visual artist within the shape while performing all the elements live. The latter idea was first executed during the launch event of Sophro’s debut EP Gone For Now and is now in a constant process of transformation.

This time we are re-visiting our challenging and yet curious experiment in a more reflective than hands-on performance. Having been developing this collaboration for a year, we share our perspective on the process, stages of implementation and audience’s reception in a form of a dialogue. For the full scope of our experience, ‘In Conversation’ includes the complete trifecta – band members, visual artists and us, curators.

The work was originally commissioned for the Colloquy project by Fay Stevens to be showcased at Fringe Arts Bath Festival earlier this year.

Vocals, Keys/ Deimante Pranckeviciute
Drums/ Aden George Peets
Bass/ Alec Stockton
Visuals/ Carlos Bernal

Curators/ Sunny Kersyte, Ruta Skudraite

Art Vanguard is a creative space for various artistic collaborations and a travelling idea that initially has no form or body. With every new project it adapts and welcomes new artists to generate a dialogue with our audience. As a shared creation, Art Vanguard has no limits – our home can be everywhere – concert halls, galleries and street. We create wherever we are, with the resources we have – all to provide creative people with a chance to meet and inspire unique collaborations, or even use art as a tool to raise awareness of cultural and social issues of the time. Our mission is to organise events, performances and workshops that cultivate each artist’s innate talent, help connect with other artists and encourage cooperation among different disciplines of art.

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