May || 7

John Henry Newton, Cameo, 2015

John Henry Newton, Cameo, 2015

John Henry Newton: Sun Bleached Stills from a Number of Films, CASS Bank Space, PV 6-8 pm

The bank space of the CASS, London Metropolitan University, will come alive thanks to an immersive installation of young, talented alumni John Henry Newton. The artist seeks to bring to the surface the past histories and transitional states of the space. The exhibition will be of the space itself, rather than being simply hosted in it. Newton has been invited to react to the CASS bank space by the curators, all current final year students of the MA Curating the Contemporary.

Limitaction, Freedom (chapter III), 2015

Limitaction Chapter 3: Freedom, Window Space, PV 6-8:30 pm

The third chapter of LIMITACTION, a six-month programme developed as an artistic and curatorial residency with Charlotte Warne Thomas, will deal with the idea of Freedom. The term, once having a much wider and profound sense, has nowadays lost some of its meanings. Charlotte Warne Thomas will develop the concepts behind this word in an installation visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Paul Schneider, Office Party & Blue, Red, Yellow, 2014

Paul Schneider, Office Party & Blue, Red, Yellow, 2014

The Catlin Art Prize 2015, Londonewcastle Project Space, PV 7-9 pm

If we could define the Catlin Guide in other terms, we would say it is a talent scout agency. It excels in bringing emerging artists, who are expected to create something ‘big’ over the following years, to the attention of a wider public. Where there is talent, there is Catlin. The showcase of the 2015 Art Prize, in its ninth year now, will feature shortlisted artists Jon Baker, Felicity Hammond, Oliver Hickmet, Nicholas Johnson, Paul Schneider, Lexi Strauss, Dominic Watson and Zhu Tian. We suggest you to make your way to Londonewcastle Project Space and support these budding artists: the public has the power to award its favourite with a £2000 cash prize by simply expressing a preference via a ballot box.

Tuesday || 12

Tim Dalzell, installation view At 32,000,000 Metres (ii), 2015

Tim Dalzell, installation view At 32,000,000 Metres (ii), 2015

New Scottish Artists, Fleming Collection, opens

The Royal Scottish Society in partnership with its London gallery, the Fleming Collection, presents a selection of young and upcoming Scottish artists.

Wednesday || 13

Corinne Silva, Imported Landscapes installation, Murcia, Spain 2010

Corinne Silva, Imported Landscapes installation, Murcia, Spain 2010

Garden Estate, Mosaic Room, PV 6.30-8.30 pm

Gardening in England is definitely a widely appreciated and esteemed hobby and profession where the results are publicly praised. However, in this solo show, artist Corinne Silva presents installations and photographs that invite the public to reflect on other, hidden, potential uses of gardening. In particular, Silva examines the usage of gardening in the politics of Israel though a ‘thought of’ portrait of its suburban gardens. Drawing on a rich history of colonisation where landscaping has been used to re-brand conquered territories, Silva interrogates what gardening may mean in relation to the contemporary conflict with Palestine.

Friday || 15

Michael Dean, analogue series (tongue), 2013

Michael Dean, analogue series (tongue), 2013

Speaking Parts, Raven Row, PV 18.30

As suggested by the name, Speaking Parts brings together artists whose practice is based on the interweaving of language and art. This week-long exhibition is framed by two weekends of performance, including Bob Cobbiiiiiiiiing Live, an evening celebrating the work of the great British concrete poet Bob Cobbing.

Tuesday || 19

Mounira Al Solh, still from Now Eat My Script, 2014

Mounira Al Solh, still from Now Eat My Script, 2014

Stirring the Pot of Story: Food, History, Memory, Delfina Foundation, opens

Continuing at Delfina, the exploration of the Politics of Food, a program that will be presented seasonally over four years. Stirring the Pot of Story, part of the second season of 2015 sub-themed Sex, Diet, Disaster, focuses on the link between power and food and how the first controls what, and in what measure, we eat. With their works, featured artists Cooking Sections, Leone Contini, Mella Jaarsma, Christine Mackey, Mounira Al Solh and Raul Ayala Ortega produce proofs of such influence, going back over personal and collective histories. The exhibition is curated by Nat Muller.

Thursday || 21


Post-Internet Landscapes, Cass Central House, London Metropolitan University.

Private View 21st May 2015, 6pm to 8.30pm (Room CE2-06); Artist Talk same day with Juan Crespo, Enrique Tutor Torres and John Ros begins at 7pm (Turbine Hall, Cass). 

amaCollective presents their first collaborative Web Installation, Post-Internet Landscapes (PIL), on the online platform agorama. PIL is the first in a series of contemporeal exhibitions exploring the notion of dialogue between the online and the offline. For this installation, designated ddtm_1.0, Juan Crespo and Enrique Tutor Torres have created PIL with the intended purpose of investigating the potential of meme and .gif formats as a material for artistic and cultural discourse.

Caterina Berardi

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