Thursday || 19th.

Partick Staff, still from The Foundation, 2014

Partick Staff, still from The Foundation, 2014

Patrick Staff: The Foundation, Chisenhale Gallery, pv 6.30-8.30 pm

Premiers in London as a ‘film installation’ the new work by British artists Patrick Staff, result of a co-commission by Chisenhale, Spike Island (Bristol), the Institute of Modern Art (Brisbane) and Contemporary Art Gallery (Vancouver). Staff’s movies trigger our curiosity to know more and reach the – sometimes unflattering- truth; for The Foundation, he collected historical materials from the Tom of Finland Foundation, which for over 20 years has been preserving and fostering the legacy of iconic gay artists. Combining footage shot at the Foundation in Los Angeles with scenes filmed in purpose made sets, Staff reconstructs the history of the foundation and the community that has developed around it.


Friday || 20th

John-Crossley, The Lookout, 2014

John-Crossley, The Lookout, 2014

BORDERLINE (beyond a rational aesthetic), C&C Gallery, PV 6-9 p.m.

Form, colour and line are the main features of painting, those on which abstract art concentrated, to find a new place for art and a justification for its existence independently from the external world. As Theodor Adorno had noticed, it is at this point the meaning of an artwork became allusive, equivocal. Playing on this particular take on paintings, Borderline presents works by Jake Clark, Katrina Blannin, Tim Renshaw, John Crossley, David J Batchelor, Sophia Starling, Laurence Noga, Alexis Harding and Paul Verheul. Each artist endeavours to explore the means of his/her own technique, pushing them beyond the borderlines until they redefine the notion of painting, or they nullify it.


Yukio Fujimoto, The Tower of Time, 2009

Yukio Fujimoto, The Tower of Time, 2009

David Cunningham / Yukio Fujimoto: Sound and Vision, Laure Genillard, PV 6-8 pm

The work of the artist and musician David Cunningham is deeply concerned with the relationship between sound, space and spectators, while Yokio Fujimoto’s works concentrate mainly on human perception and often uses repetition on a gigantic scale to achieve an impressive effect.

For the first time these akin minds present a work together. Laure Genillard, a non-commercial space in Fiztrovia, presents their first collaboration ever: an interactive environment where sound will be moulded and affected by each person in the space, resulting in an invisible sculpture continuously in the making.


Saturday || 21th

Promise of Palm Trees, Breese Little, installation view, 2015

Promise of Palm Trees, Breese Little, installation view, 2015

Promise of Palm Trees, Breese Little, last day

Breese Little presents Promise of Palm Trees, a group exhibition of work by Charlie Billingham, Benjamin Brett, Jack Brindley, Benjamin Cohen, Clem Crosby, Fiona Curran, Damien Flood and Aimée Parrott. These emerging artists all share an interest in testing the limits of figurative painting. For this show they are called upon to reach and trespass its limits, by rendering the image in a cryptic, unreadable way that flows into abstraction. The viewer is left to chase the apparently obscure meaning that is concealed within the pure appearance of the form.

Daniel Guzmàn, Untitled, from the Chromosome Series, 2014

Daniel Guzmàn, Untitled, from the Chromosome Series, 2014

Daniel Guzmàn: Chromosome Damage, Drawing Room, Last days

The Drawing Room presents a collection of drawings by Daniel Guzmàn, the first solo show in a UK public gallery. Guzmàn’s works relies on the symbolism of Mexican and Aztec imagery. Skulls and beasts in the iconic, cartoon-like style of Guzmàn populate a world of fate, seeking to find out man’s place in the world. The exhibition concentrates on a single, stylised female figure which undergoes several metamorphoses, depicted with an earthy palette that derives from the attributes and colour significance of the different deities he took inspiration from.


Sunday || 22nd

Josh Brand, Untitled, 2009

Josh Brand, Untitled, 2009

Peace Being, Herald Street, last day

Josh Brand has developed the art of printing to a point? that his perfectly orchestrated compositions of shapes and colours appear like real photographs. For his third solo show at Herald Street he presents a collection of small-scale prints where shadows, brightness of the colour, tones and multi-layering convey a sensation of uncertainty. Viewers drift into a suspended dimension where blurry lines and forms allude to possible but unattainable meaning that tickle the psyche.


Thursday || 26th

Herbert Golser, Untitled, 2012

Herbert Golser, Untitled, 2012

Herbert Golser: Sculptures, Austrian Cultural Forum, PV 7-9 pm

Pushing the material to its extremes, moulding and shaping wood into new consistencies to build organic sculptures is the concern of Herbert Golser. The Austrian born, and based, artist is a new Giuseppe Penone which adds a touch of fairy dust and poetry to his practice. The Austrian Cultural Forum, in collaboration with Rosenfeld Porcini gallery, presents a selection of his unmistakeable works.

Thomas Zipp. The Observer as a System with Feedback, Alison Jacques, PV 6-8 pm

 Thomas Zipp’s work is fantastical and borders on sci-fi. Whether he produces humongous installations as in ‘Polymorphus Oratory’ (2012) or in ‘Schwarze Ballons’ (2005) or portraits, often scratched, etched and composed with rough brush strokes, Zipp is able to trigger our imagination and memories at the same time, moulding them into one surreal reality. Alison Jacques gallery presents yet another solo of the German artist, showcasing his characteristic paintings, where burnt tones and ash colours keep up with the ‘dark’ feelings that subjects emanate.

Friday || 27th

Basim Magdy, still from The Many Colours of the Sky Radiate Forgetfulness, 2014

Basim Magdy, still from The Many Colours of the Sky Radiate Forgetfulness, 2014

Basim Magdy: The Many Colours of the Sky Radiate Forgetfulness, Cecilia Brunson Prjs, last day

Between the poetic and accusatory, is the new work by acclaimed Egyptian born film-maker Basim Magdy. Through a chemical process known as ‘pickling’, Magdy employed household acids to remove the superficial layers of the film, unveiling a kaleidoscope of vibrating colours in which he tells the story of the ever fleeting relationship between present and past. For this debut solo show in the UK, the movie is presented alongside recent works, always based upon a reflection on time and nature.


John Baldessari, Come on Sugar and A Hand Suddenly Grips Railing, 2014

John Baldessari, Come on Sugar and A Hand Suddenly Grips Railing, 2014

John Baldessari: pictures & scripts, Marian Goodman, PV 5.30-7.30 pm

Mischievous, humoristic, untired, John Baldessari is a fixture in the art-stars firmament, a prominent name of American conceptualism. Once he ironically referred to himself as ‘the guy who puts dot on faces’. His paintings where people’s faces are concealed by colourful dots are amongst the best known of his production. But there is more than satirical humour behind the dots, there is the concept of oblivion and cancellation, which he has been working on throughout his career, as can be clearly seen in his footage. The show at Marian Goodman presents his movie scripts, a long-run research into the expressive possibilities of language and its possibilities of dialogue with images.


Saturday || 28th

Goldschmied & Chiari. Their Nympheas, 2007

Goldschmied & Chiari. Their Nympheas, 2007

Florilegia, Grimaldi Gavin Gallery, last day

Humans have been fascinated by flowers since time immemorial. Monet is probably the artist whose name we firstly think of in relation to his striking and unworldly Water Lilies. Florilegia – from the Latin florilegium, a collection of texts – it is a collection of photographic images of flowers. Each artist in the show, namely Goldschmied & Chiari, Fabio Zonta, Jonny Briggs, Laura Letinsky and Sinaida Michalskaja, presents his/her personal take on the same subject, revealing the flexibility of the photographic means when directed towards the achievement of a certain effect by creative mind.


Caterina Berardi

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