MONDAY || 24th

Morgan Fisher, Maureen Paley Gallery, PV 6.30-8.30 pm

Fisher marked a milestone of structuralist cinema. After gaining a degree in History from Harvard University in 1964, Fisher gave in to his passion for photography and film. His father taught him how to take photographs when he was about 15; Fisher has been developing his passion and interest in still and moving images ever since.

In Past Present, Present Past, Fisher looks, with sympathetic nostalgia, to obsolete technologies to capture and retain images: old movie cameras and their functions are subject of Production Footage, a film shot on 16mm film in 1971 that goes in perfect accompaniment with photographs, shot recently, of unused boxes of film from the 1950s



Julio Le Parc, Surface couleur – Série 14 n°9, 1971

Julio Le Parc & Reiner Ruthenbeck, Serpentines Galleries, PV 7-9 pm

The Argentinian painter and sculptor, Julio Le Parc, has a major solo at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Precursor of Kinetic and Op Art, Le Parc is a fundamental figure in the development of modern art and its taste. In this show he uses his dearest plastic and reflective materials, through which artificial lights shine to create the mesmerizing, immersive environments he is known for.

At the same time, the Serpentine Gallery will present the last works of German conceptual artist Reiner Ruthenbeck. His use of crumpled paper, fabrics, soil and other unconventional, ‘poor’ materials to alter spaces, winks at Arte Povera while a remembrance of the minimalistic aesthetics is to be found in his everyday objects. Stripped of every function, Ruthenbeck uses them to investigate perception and architecture.


TUESDAY || 25th

Guy Patton, Vitrine Gallery, PV 7-9 pm

The Vitrine in Bermondsey presents the first major solo of UK artist Guy Patton. His acrylic, colourful paintings are intended as a means of exploring the principle of vision and perception. The contrasting and unsettling colour combinations are a clear retake on the research of Hard Edge and Abstract painting.


Joseph Kosuth, Words Are Deeds, 1991

Joseph Kosuth, Words Are Deeds, 1991

Joseph Kosuth, Sprüth Magers, PV 6-8 pm

Amnesia: Various, Luminous, Fixed is a comprehensive exhibition of neon work by pioneer of Conceptual art Joseph Kosuth. Exhibited last year in Berlin, Amnesia looks at the interest of Kosuth in popular culture, language and the importance of words in the production of meaning.


Liza Lou, Colour Field, 2012-13

Liza Lou, Colour Field, 2012-13


Liza Lou & Senga Nengudi, White Cube, opens

The potential of pure colour is also the focal point of Liza Lou’s last body of works. White Cube presents her monochromatic and duo-coloured canvases fully covered in beads to further stimulate the pleasure of looking.

The 9x9x9 and North Galleries of the White Cube will be taken over by Senga Nengudi, at her first ever solo presentation in UK. Nengudi works with many media but is mostly known for her biomorphic sculptures and choreographed performances, both mindful of the artist’s folkloristic traditions.



Antony Cairns, Roman Road Gallery, opens

Roman Road Gallery presents the latest work by photographer Antony Cairns. The gelatin prints are part of his on-going project, LND, in which he is recreating a personal map of the city that records the architectural beauty in blurred, surreal tones.


Caragh Thuring, I, 2009

Caragh Thuring, I, 2009

Caragh Thuring, Chisenhale, PV 6.30-8.30 pm

At her first show in a public gallery, London based painter Caragh Thuring presents a body of work that reflects on the issues surrounding the composition of contemporary images: what are the major influences we have when composing an image? How does time influence our perception? Her recollection of the outside of houses and windows evolves into a psychological portrait of the hidden owner as well as of those passers-by that stop and look.


Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014, ICA, opens

The ICA hosts the fifth edition of Bloomberg New Contemporaries. This year artists Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, Enrico David and Goshka Macuga have chosen works by 55 of the most promising emerging talents from UK art schools. Apparently this year the focus is on the making process and printmaking, moving image and performance are the prevailing means of expression.


Conflict-time-photography, TATE Modern, opens

A major survey of war photography opens at TATE in coincidence with the centenary of WWI. Period photographs recounts the horrors and happenings of the First Gulf War, the Vietnam War and many other conflicts that have indelibly marked the history of the XX century.


THURSDAY || 27th

Jockum Nordström, David Zwirner, PV 6-8 pm

David Zwirner presents the first solo show at the gallery by Swedish artist Jockum Nordström. Each work by Nordström is a perfectly balanced composition of different media: charcoal, graphite, collage and watercolour are gathered on canvases to compose irrational portraits and landscapes of fantasy.


RUN, wall piece for the Chichester Street Art Festival, Chichester, 2013

RUN, wall piece for the Chichester Street Art Festival, Chichester, 2013

RUN, Howard Griffin Gallery, opens

No place better than the urban and underground spot in Shoreditch to showcase the last dreamscape by Giacomo Buffarini, Italian graffiti artist known with the moniker of RUN. In Parabola di G RUN creates dreamscapes and a story within them. A story that was supposed to teach a moral but, in the end, reveals only the state of reality.


FRIDAY || 28th

Take a trip to the other side of the river. Newer, but not less interesting, Last Fridays is the late openings night that revolves around the South London Gallery and involves more than 90 other galleries. A perfect pendant to the East End’s First Thursdays that is meant to bring back Bermondsey, Greenwich Peckham and the Bankside back onto the art map.


Caterina Berardi

Featured Image: Morgan Fisher, Ilford Selochrome 120 September 1954, 2014

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