MONDAY | 3rd

Amongst all that has to offer, this Monday Kings Place will present New Dots: Interference Patterns, a world premiere of four audio-visual pieces created in collaboration by composers and film-makers and performed by the Ensemble Matisse. Each piece endeavour to explore the rich and creative relation between music and art, breaking down the division of the two disciplines. Not bad for a Monday night.

Tickets starts from £ 9.50

KP Brehmer, Unit Labour Costs Trade Balance-Deficit, 1977

KP Brehmer, Unit Labour Costs Trade Balance-Deficit, 1977


At 6.30 the The Showroom Gallery hosts a talk with Anna Minton, writer, journalist and Visiting Professor at the University of East London. After Ground Control will focus on new ideas on alternatives to the growing privatisation and control of cities.

At the same time at Raven Row will be taking place KP Brehmer: the Artist as an Official?, a discussion about the political relevance of KP Brehmer’s work, currently on show, and that of the Capitalist Realist generation. The talk will be led by René Block, influential gallerist and publisher in post-war German Art who has always fostered any other kind of art that acts as an agent of political change. The talk will be illustrated by a number of archival images and moderated by Raven Row’s director, Alex Sainsbury. The event is free to attend but booking is essential.

Carolyn Lefley, from The Realm series, 2009-2012

Carolyn Lefley, from The Realm series, 2009-2012


First Thursday of the month! London will be buzzing with late opening and events throughout the East End art-hub.

Rich Mix will introduce the Photomonth Photo-Open Exhibition. Open to all kinds of photographers, this year theme,Imagining the East End’, drew inspiration from the East End Archive at The Cass, an online photographic resource that brings together both historic and contemporary collections, based at The Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design at London Metropolitan University.

More West, the V&A Sackler Centre hosts #Nofilter, an evening event presented by Uncertain States, an artist-led project that publishes and distributes a free quarterly broadsheet newspaper showing lens-based-art, holds monthly talks that focus on contemporary photography and organises and curates an annual exhibition to showcase the contributors’ work. The event at V&A is a panel where photographers, writers and curators will discuss photography as a tool to critically reflect on one’s past.

To check what else is going on this first Thursday visit http://www.firstthursdays.co.uk

Caterina Berardi

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